Earn that gas mileage!

Coming home from a job tonight, I ended up behind your typical Prius driver.  Arrogant, ignorant of traffic law and common courtesy – essentially the average <insert luxury brand> driver minus the price tag.  So here I am in my rusty ‘ol pickup truck, staying back a safe distance – and laughing my ass off as the guy repeatedly kept trying to dust me.

Now Bessie, my truck, she doesn’t like being pushed.  She’ll make some awful noise, and that alone will scare the crap out of the average driver.  If you heard the noises this truck makes out of your car – you’d run crying to the dealership.  Bessie’s a Chevy though, she’s tough, and noises aside – I’ll take this truck any day of the week over a fracking Prius.

The Monroe Sensatrac’s were OUTSTANDING.  The handling through the tight curves between Tuxedo and Greenwood Lake was awe inspiring.  We’re not talking a performance car here – 20 year old truck with 170K miles.  I honestly can’t wait to throw some new rubber on the rims and a batch of Brembos all around.  I can’t say I’ll be racing her, but just knowing that I can actually throw this beast through a curve and have it hold – is thoroughly satisfying.

Course, the Prius probably burned a quarter gallon of gas the entire drive while I burned 3.  Go 16mpg!!! LOL

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