Impatience is a virtue.

So the other day on my lunch break I ran over to the local Chinese restaurant for some boneless spare-ribs.  I placed the order, and instead of waiting in the restaurant I took a jaunt over to CVS for some various items.  The line grows at the checkout as one woman and child debate over which lip balm to buy.  I’m the next in line, and just before the woman starts to leave another register opens and the person says “next in line please.”

That’s me, right?  Nope, the peckerhead behind me in the well pressed suit darts over, in the mean time I manage to drop half the things I’m holding.  So I buy my things, leave the store, and see the suit headed into the Chinese restaurant.

I walk in the door and see the guy, all fidgity as he checks the orders on the counter, paces for a few, and then sits.  He then proceeds to keep looking around – stares at me for a long moment, and then looks around some more.  He continues this habit with an occasional stand up and look around.

Now one thing I’ve noticed about most, if not all impatient people is that they need a 3rd party to acknowledge them.  It isn’t enough that they’re bouncing around like an intolerable git, they need to make eye contact, add a shrug or guffaw, and hope you return a similar reaction.

It is a world of fun to not make eye contact with these people, don’t even acknowledge their presence.  This whole time I just kept looking back towards the kitchen, relaxing, patiently waiting as this guy slowly lost his mind waiting for his General Tsao’s.  The orders eventually come out, like 6 bags of food.  The woman at the counter knows me so she spotted my order right away and handed it to me – I left with the guy still sitting there, ready to burst out of his skin.  What a putz.

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