Ready, set, knee-jerk

Folks, for as long as I’ve been breathing I’ve been a firm believer in the idea that Greenpeace is full of shit.

Their latest extortion campaign is focused on the mighty Unilever corporation, parent company of none other than my favorite ice cream ever created by the friendliest communists ever… Ben & Jerry.

Now while I’m sure some folks would see the rain forest as a paradise, personally I find it about as welcoming as the tundra of ANWR.  Leave it to Greenpeace to polish a turd in the name of environmental awareness.  Oh wait, I’m spending $4 a gallon on gasoline because these pricks thought tundra was paradise too.

Apparently the amount of palm oil required by Unilever to produce its Dove line of skin-care products is so detrimental to the Indonesian rain forest that it is single handedly contributing to the eventual extinction of the orangutan, forest destruction, and of course the red letter phrase of the 21st century… GLOBAL WARMING.

Now Global Warming is complete and utter bullshit. Is the climate changing? Absolutely. Anyone who expects the climate of a planet hurtling through space at 67,000 mph while orbiting a raging nuclear inferno to NOT change is a blithering IDIOT. I find that any study, story, cause, etc that relies on the mention of Global Warming to be greatly weakened if not completely discounted by the simple mention of it.

Greenpeace would be wise to drop Al Gore’s turkey and MOVE ON with things. I believe they just might have valid points as far as deforestation and effects on orangutan’s. I can’t see Indonesia having the same protections on their forests as we do here in the good ‘ol US of A, nor do I believe they have much interest in protecting the cute little orangutans.

That said – they did mention Global Warming… and quite frankly I like it warm outside, so I think I’ll buy some Dove soap and polish off a pint of Cherry Garcia afterwards.

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