How about you write some music worth stealing…

…and then open your trap.

Yes, I get it – bit torrent is stealing.

I get it – it’s illegal.

I also get that when your band can’t book a club with more than 50 people, half of which are on respirators – you actually depend on the piddly revenue from your record sales to pay for that new strawberry shortcake tattoo on your ass.

The fact this guy has actually mentioned just how much effort they’re putting in to try and stop the piracy of Biohazard tracks, I can’t help but scratch my balls. Seriously folks, how many decades has the US Government wasted tax dollars on the so called War On Drugs. We’re talking billions if not trillions of dollars wasted to stop a never ending flood of contraband into the hands of Americans.

Last I checked, it’s one hell of a lot easier to get an MP3 than an ounce of weed, and by the way… bit torrent is FREE.

If anything, his little rant is nothing more than a publicity stunt. He should talk to Lars about how their little plan worked out in the long run. Asshat.

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