Can you dig it?

No I can’t.

Attempted to watch the 1979 classic “The Warriors” last night.  All I could think as I watched the bare chested boys from Coney Island with their little red vests flailing in the wind… is “That’s where EMO comes from.”

I tried, I really tried.  Given the hype the game had, I figured hey – maybe this movie is a lost gem.

Thank God for Netflix.  I haven’t seen a load of horseshit that big since Mr.Ed turned carnivore at the county fair.  On the upside, now I know where the career of David Patrick Kelly began – and why he hasn’t done anything beyond picking most locks with a credit card and getting blowed up by Brandon Lee in The Crow.

I haven’t seen so much ambiguous garbage in my life.  They should have put this thing on Broadway and called it West Side Story 3 – Jetting the Shark.  I’m sure there’s some artistic merit here that I just don’t get, but what can I say…  A turd is a turd and that film my dear friends…  is one steaming whopper of a turd.

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