A sad day for radio…

With the Sirius XM merger on the horizon…somewhere, I almost forgot about the old Howard Stern / O&A rivalry.  Today though, listening to O&A’s show – I heard something and it annoyed me enough to change the dial from that castrated excuse for a morning show that is continuously trounced by the Z100 Morning Zoo.

George Takei.

No, not the actual Takei, a fairly accurate impersonation of his voice by one of the hosts, saying things that you wouldn’t exactly expect Takei to say if well… he hadn’t been a recurring guest on Stern’s satellite show for as long as I can remember.

I’ve been an O&A fan longer than I’ve been a Stern fan.  I was there, writing letters and shaking my fist when they got taken off the air by people who condone child molestation in churches but decry adult fornication in the same places.

I was cheering when they came back on XM Satellite Radio, and I heard the magic was back.

In all honesty though, coming back to terrestrial was a mistake.  The FCC has too much power, the stations are too scared, and the show is castrated.  Well placed BEEP’s and implied vulgarity are no replacement for the cutting edge Dr.Smith stalking young Will Robinson radio of days gone by.  Now it looks like they’re actively stealing bits from Stern, instead of just improving on the shock-jock genre?

What the fuck happened to O&A?

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