GTA4… Poop.

Took a break from the Wii for a bit to fire up the 360 and see if there was any replay value to GTA:IV so far… Found another thing that annoys me… where’s the tank? Where’s the military vehicle selection?

Also, whose idea was the pigeon thing? Like I want to go around trying to track down little glowing red pigeons, not to mention – there used to be a benefit to grabbing X number of items instead of some stupid achievement point. I don’t want achievement points. I want armor and weapons at my hideout!

Someone at Rockstar seriously needs to sow the nuts back on to this PG-13 version of GTA before the sandbox title is permanently and irrevocably handed off to the next big thing (hope springs eternal that Saints Row 2 does to the sandbox genre what its predecessor did for it – turn it on its ass).

As for the Wii, I’ve got a pretty decent stack of games at this point, so I think I’ll probably be gnawing through them for a while. My current project – Red Steel – puts you in the role of an average guy engaged to the daughter of a Yakuza leader. The weapons control is unique as only the Wii can provide, and honestly I’d put this game up as a proper successor (in feel) to the N64’s Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. It’s just plain murderous fun.

Gave Transformers an attempt… As much fun as it is to drive around as Bumblebee and obliterate anything in my path – there’s a little something called a POINT which the game-play should have. I really don’t get why movie games suck so bad, and how a movie which is such a blockbuster and drop such a stinker when it comes time to get interactive.

Anyhow… it’s a 3 day weekend and I shouldn’t be typing.

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