I’m sleeping through November.

I think what annoys me the most about this 08 election is just how unimpressive the candidates for either major party are.  Clinton is just power hungry, she thinks she deserves it.  Obama?  No gravitas.  McCain?  He’s as bad as Clinton – only he’s lucked out in that Clinton and Obama have gotten all the press thus far.

All these Conservative talk shows REALLY piss me off.  They dedicated hours of broadcast time to ripping apart Obama and Clinton – as if the Republicans actually have someone who can compete!  This isn’t simply a matter of ‘picking the lesser evil’ we may as well elect them by spinning the Wheel of Fortune because no matter who wins this election in 2008 – WE ALL LOSE.

Obama is getting all the attention a rock star deserves, Clinton is becoming more frazzled every day, and McCain?  Talk about out of place.  We’re looking at another Clinton V Dole 1996.  If it is Obama V McCain, I will vote for Barack Obama – if for nothing else – he is sincerely a Leftist hack, he is true to himself and his party.  His naivety is genuine.  I don’t want a naive president, but I also do not want another RINO in office.  Bush wasn’t a Conservative, McCain is not a Conservative, and the only people who seem to have any idea of a direction are the Democrats… and that really isn’t saying much.

McCain is a fraud.  I could care less about his POW or Veteran status, it holds about as much validity to me as Kerry or Gore’s experience at war time.  He’s done more to push big Government on us over the past 8 years and eviscerate our rights than any Democrat in office – and the fact that everyone is seemingly accepting him as is – makes me ashamed to be a Republican.

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