Manischewitz Tastes Like Tuccus!

Made the mistake last night of taking my Smacker supplement at around 8pm, that had me pretty much rolling around in bed until at least 3am, when I finally fell asleep and had a very VERY odd dream.

I’m at a backyard picnic/barbeque in Queens, NY.  I think it’s at my Grandmother’s house in Corona.  At my table is my mother, and I think my Grandfather – but he’s in his 30’s, wearing a button down shirt…  Definitely had a sense of family at my table.

Behind our table was an old Jewish couple + a few extras, all raving about Manischewitz wine.  I turn around, look at the old guy, and say “Manischewitz tastes like tuccus!”  My table starts laughing, and then the Jewish table sings a quick song, not sure what they said – I can’t remember.

So my table retaliates in kind, and starts to sing this old Italian/Spanish song that starts out “Ayyyy ya yaya, ay tino furia” or something like that.  We all sing the first verse, but then everyone except for my Grandfather forgets the rest of the song.  He continues on, perhaps with some modifications of his own, as the rest of us fall over laughing.

I’m usually pretty good at analyzing my dreams, but this one was a whopper.  Not only did someone who I am SURE is my Grandfather on my mother’s side show up in the dream – there’s the song playing that I know, but I can’t find it anywhere online.  Jeff Dunham used it as a basis for his Jose Jalapeno song, but beyond that – I have no idea.  I’m pretty sure it’s shown up in the Sopranos too, but who knows.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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