The straight talk express has derailed…

No way in hell I’d tarnish my integrity by voting for this jerk.

All I see from either side is Business As Usual.

Is it too late for a wild card candidate to beat them both?

Yesterday I commented that this would be another Clinton V Dole situation – I didn’t mean to insult Bob Dole.  At this point I’m convinced that if John McCain took a Viagra, he wouldn’t remember what to do next.

If Hillary was promised the presidency – the best thing I could say about McCain is that he is the pity candidate.  The only reason he’s even in the race is name recognition – any true Conservative who looks at his record and his behavior would vote 3rd party this year – even if it means a Democrat win.

Obviously – the powers that be still don’t ‘get it.’

It’s America, Stupid.

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