Better Luck Next Time

I’d rather have a president easily equated visually with monkeys well than…

Because really, as much as Bush has been compared to the Fascist dictator, nobody really carried on the legacy as well as our Pal Hillary.  I’m almost sorry to see her go, as now it’s going to be Obama V McCain, and frankly they’re both worthless in this election – but McCain doesn’t quite have the rockstar youth quality that Obama does.  In fact I expect to see the Republican Party eating crow in ’08 – and frankly those SOB’s deserve it.  They sure as hell haven’t done anything to earn my vote lately…  The “Bend over and take it” demographic sadly doesn’t cater to them as well either – as much as they’d like to lead by example.

I’ll expect to see Obama inaugurated in ’09 unless some other magical wildcard pops up before then.

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