Another tax? Good grief.

The fact that this:

Senate Republicans Block Windfall Profits Tax on Big Oil Companies

is even a story illustrates exactly WHY gas prices are so high – in short, AMERICANS ARE BLITHERING IDIOTS.

Windfall profit tax. A punitive tax. The oil companies are making TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

So tax them. What will that do, teach them a lesson? Will the gas prices magically drop overnight? Will they see the error of their greedy ways and cut the price of their product so they stay within the imaginary margins set by a group of democratically elected idiots who haven’t been able to fix Social Security in the past 50 years?

No, most likely – they’ll either produce less fuel, or pass the cost of the taxes on to the consumer and dramatically INCREASE the price of gasoline.

That’s what our government is good at though, inventing a non-solution to satisfy the knee-jerk morons of the Digg generation while the real problem is allowed to fester.

We NEED more refineries.

We NEED more domestic and friendly sources of oil.

We NEED the dollar to be STRONG so LESS dollars buys MORE oil.

Fix those 3 problems, the price of gas will go down. Hell, fix ONE of those problems and the price will go down. You will not see any politician, elected or otherwise – even attempt to tackle the real problems with REAL solutions.

Environmentalists? Politicians? They don’t give a crap that it costs me $50 to fill up my VOLKSWAGEN. They have vehicles and causes funded by other people, they don’t feel the pinch the rest of us do, which is why the only fixes they propose will be wholly ineffective and likely will make the problem worse.

I’d love to vote myself a big fat payraise so the $50 it costs to fill the VW and the $100 that it costs to fill the pickup doesn’t effect me, but sadly I’m not a politician and my income depends on the economy which is currently shit – and nobody really has any desire to fix…because they’re all RICH.

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