Oh stop WHINING!

Top 10: Worst Male-Bashing Ads

I’ll agree that when it comes to advertising, unless a company is specifically trying to sell to men (well, except for Trojan condoms) – we’re generally portrayed as mindless idiots with the IQ of a donut.

Still, reading through the Top 10 at “AskMen.com” I could only think – what a bunch of pussies!

Yes, men are regularly bashed, but when you get right down to it – leave the BITCHING about it to women.  Sure it’s annoying, but as much as the stereotypical pounding men take in modern advertising annoys me, what annoys me more is when guys CRY about it.

I’ve complained in the past about that Trojan pig advertisement, and that’s about the extent you’ll hear me complain.  So go ahead, make fun of men while selling pizza, vacuums, ice cream, condoms, etc…  We can take care of ourselves.

See what happens the next time you complain to us that the spin cycle is broken.

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