Conservation STILL WORKS!

Conservation WORKS!

Last time I filled up the VW was my first attempt at so called ‘hypermiling.’  Well it worked.  I went from 28mpg to 34mpg.  Filled up again today and got 34.5mpg.  Funny thing here is – I used the A/C quite a bit this time around.  Mind you, I only put 166 miles on the odometer – but I had good reason.

Scangauge 2

I’ve got a scan tool for my truck, but nothing for the car.  Since they’re different ODB versions, one wouldn’t work with the other – but in addition to that, the Scangauge 2 just has so much more to it.  For starters, it can give me up to the 2 second delay readings of things like speed, RPM, temperature, pressures… but it can also tell me my current MPG, average out my MPG for the day, as well as keep a record of my MPG over time – as well as calculate the cost per mile as well as how much I’ve actually saved by going for the ‘cheaper gas’ in Jersey.

Since it is also a fully functional ODB2 scan tool, I can also pull up error codes on the car’s computer as well as clear the pesky check engine light afterwards.  Right now I’ve got it mounted on my steering column which makes it fairly easy to monitor while keeping both eyes on the road.

I’m hoping that by using this tool – I can further improve my driving efficiency by identifying what works and more importantly – what doesn’t.

Still, the sticker on the car claimed 31MPG highway… so 34.5MPG on a 3 year old car?  Pretty cool.

Hoping to break 35MPG before the next fill up.  I gassed up next to a Prius today… as it silently pulled away I thought “Oh… I’ll show you!”

Worth a shot. 🙂

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