Wheel of Fortune Deluxe (Mobile)

Don’t buy this game.

Now since the advent of smart cellphones, where one could play a game on it – one of my favorite little pass-times is to fire up a game while I’m waiting for something.  It’s rather handy, and takes a lot of the boredom out of waiting.

My list of complaints:

  1. Horrid AI.
  2. Likelihood to spin Bankrupt or Lose A Turn is too high.
  3. Mystery Wedge almost ALWAYS reveals BANKRUPT.
  4. Player 3 almost ALWAYS wins.
  5. “Daily Play” offers no re-play option.
  6. Too easy to cheat.

Now 1-4 are all linked.  If the real game had as many bankrupt’s or lose a turn’s – it’d have been off the air years ago.  The way the basic game works is that you have 2 toss-up rounds.  Both of these involve random letters being revealed in the puzzle, and the first one to buzz-in and solve it wins money.  Then we’ve got Round 1 which is your typical WOF round.  Then there’s the Jackpot round, where a jackpot builds of all the winnings each time the wheel stops, if you happen to hit the jackpot bit and solve the puzzle in the same turn – you win the jackpot.  Lastly, there’s the Mystery Round.  Real dumb.  There’s one spot on the wheel with a ‘mystery wedge’ which isn’t really a mystery, it’s most likely BANKRUPT.

One of the cooler features is the “Daily Play” function which downloads a new puzzle each day online.  The part that sucks majorly, and ruins it – is that you get 5 turns within the realm of the horrible AI to solve each round.  If you don’t get it in 5 turns, game over – no replay.

Lastly, I found this out completely by accident, it is way too easy to cheat.  Say you’re losing around?  Close the phone or hit the hang-up button.  When you restart, you’re at the beginning of the last round – that far ahead of your “opponents.”  It’s honestly the only way to finish the daily game without being Stephen Hawkings.

For $6 there are much better word games available for the Verizon mobile phone (Bookworm, Scrabble, and Scrabble Blast come to mind).  Don’t waste your time with Wheel of Fortune Deluxe.  Whoever wrote this game is an idiot.

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