Stupid is as… ah crap.

Heading home from NAPA this weekend, had to get some coolant for the Chevy, and there’s this red Ford Fusion in front of me.  Now we come up on the 4 way intersection, both hanging a left.  We’re now between 2 gas stations.  The guy in the Fusion hits his left turn signal and begins to turn left.

I do what I’ve done a million times before, start to go around on the right.

Guy in the fusion must have realized fuel at the Valero was $.02 cheaper than Citgo, so without signaling he immediately breaks left, forcing me to punch the gas and go around him partially in the Valero parking lot.

I get past him, and in my rearview I see the dumbass sitting in the lane like a stick in the mud, probably wondering where the hell I came from.  Now I realized my mistake, had I been a little more patient I could have avoided the whole mess.

Still doesn’t change the fact the guy was a dumbass though.

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  1. Not at all. In NY state, you’re perfectly within your legal grounds to, when someone is signaling to go left, pull around them on the right to continue forward, so long as you can stay on the paved surface while you do it.

    If the guy turning left wants to change his mind, it’s up to him to sort out that he can do so legally and safely.

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