What a tool.

Street sweeper crushes Bronx dog

How stupid do you gotta be walking a Boston Terrier close enough to the shoulder in NYC that it gets sucked into the thing and killed? I mean seriously – ALTERNATE SIDE OF THE STREET PARKING for starters, if all the cars are on the other side, that doesn’t mean WALK ON THE STREET let along let your dogs walk on it. Secondly, it’s a STREET sweeper, not a sidewalk sweeper – but regardless – HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO WALK THAT CLOSE TO THE STREET!? It’s NYC! Lastly, how does a street sweeper SPEED!?

Simple explanation – idiot dog owner got careless and as a result, his dog was killed. Do I feel bad for him? Sure, I feel about as bad for him as I do some stupid kid that palms a hot iron then cries about it. Is the city responsible? No. Will they likely forward some taxpayer dollars to this moron to shut him up? Sure.

Personally, I think the guy should get cited for not keeping a better eye on his dog, as well as for littering.


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