That couldn’t work!

You know, for all the talk these fuckhead politicians spout about not knowing what WILL lower the price of oil and gasoline – they seem to be pretty damned smart when it comes to knowing what WONT.

Simple fact is that the President SAID he was lifting the ban on offshore drilling, and the price of oil dropped over $20 and the cost at the pump is back below $4 on average.  If simply TALKING about increasing domestic production knocks $.50 off a gallon of gas, then I’d have to wager actually taking that sweet sweet oil out of the ground will probably DROP IT FURTHER.

Throw in a few new nuclear plants to offset all the coal/oil plants…

A few new refineries to turn American oil into American gasoline…

Nah…  That’ll never work.

Fuckheads.  They say “no, its the fact that Americans are driving less which is affecting the price of fuel.”  SO what, all of a sudden those evil oil companies are following the laws of supply and demand?  Can’t have it both ways folks.  Could it contribute?  Absolutely.  MOst importantly though, foreign sources of oil, speculators, they’re all watching to see if America will finally shut up, put up, and support themselves.

Watch the price continue to drop as the tide changes in our favor despite the gridlock and bullshit caused by our friendly neighborhood limousine riding, private jet flying democrats.  At this point I don’t care who does it, but isn’t it about time we stop arguing over what WONT cut the price and actually DO something about it?

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