Cop defends self from cocky cyclist – Cop punished.

Last night I caught the YouTube video (on Fox 5 news) showing a bicyclist ramming into a NYPD officer and subsequently getting tossed like a rag doll.  At least that is how I saw it.  Generally, if I’m on my bike I’m looking straight ahead.  if I see a Police officer (or any other pedestrian at that) walking into my immediate path I IMMEDIATELY SLOW AND IF NECESSARY – STOP.

How stupid is this guy?  How this is seen as the cop walking up to and subsequently (without reason) throwing this guy simply illustrates a complete lack of understanding as to the scene!

Two cops in the middle of the road, perhaps there to direct traffic.  Now for whatever reason – the cop on the left looks DIRECTLY AT A SINGLE ONCOMING CYCLIST and begins to walk into his path at 22 seconds.  The cyclist, instead of slowing or stopping, PEDALS FASTER to try and get around the cop at 24 seconds, going as far as leaning his torso at the cop to try and hit him.  At 25 seconds, the cop checks the guy to the ground.

My friend, you’re a moron, and a disgrace to the cycling community.

Not to mention if you do a search on YouTube – it would appear that either there is a nationwide pandemic of police brutality on cyclists – or simply that this “Critical Mass” event attracts all riders, including anti-authority jackasses who obviously have no respect for law enforcement.

I hope this cop is fully reinstated as soon as possible, and this cyclist is buried by this video which obviously shows that the RIDER is at fault.  (Anyone forget the law that pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way?).

What A Dick.

Only mistake the Officer made IMHO is not putting his hand out in a ‘STOP’ motion. Still, I wouldn’t have done what the kid did, must be how I was raised. Not to mention – the way the camera panned just in time, makes me think the entire thing was staged. The kid tried a bump and run on the cop and lost.

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