BessieZ71 Update…

Just a snapshot of the truck after cleaning the painted surfaces in the engine bay last night.  Some of the paint managed to come off, not sure if the lestoil did it – since the bay had no clear coat that’s possible.  We’re likely going to spray the bay anyhow, but its looking pretty good without all the greased up paint!

Here’s a shot of the new motor in its current condition.  We still need to isntall the water pump as well as the crank pully from the old motor, as well as a new flywheel and a slew of new sensors.  The intake manifold has been installed, the copper color is due to copper high-tack gasket spray.  I’m going to re-spray those areas black.  I’m still waiting on my parts delivery from auto-zone.

I don’t quite get why I never got a confirmation or any tracking information from them for my Saturday order.  I ended up having to email their customer service to get the info, but there’s still no telling as to when I’ll get the parts.  Next step for me is to degrease the other engine bay components, then remove the surface rust from the frame, paint it black, and also install the new inner fender wells I ordered from LMC Truck Parts.

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