Called that one…

Back on July 31st I posted the following in reference to the John Edwards Shtupping Incident:

Only thing I can think of is that the leak came from the Clinton camp, and more may continue to be produced as we get closer to the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama selecting his first Apostle… But the Clintons are back burner, and no longer the darlings of the main stream media.

Check out the second story down at the PalmBeachPost (emphasis theirs):

The American Media Inc. tabloid first revealed during October’s tough Democratic primary campaign that Edwards had an affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunter. At least two characters close to the company couldn’t have been happier that the dirty laundry was being aired.

It so happens that both have ties to Hillary Clinton, who was then emerging as a front-runner, with Edwards close behind.

Mind you, it would appear that the fuse on this bombshell was a little longer than necessary, but why let a good character assassination opportunity go to waste?  Personally, I still could care less about the sexual proclivity of the Breck girl – but to each their own.

Not to mention it’s the Palm Beach Post, the people in that town can’t even use a simple butterfly ballot – so take the report however you like. I don’t think we’ve seen a campaign yet, and Obama has hardly got the nomination nailed down.  Still wish there was some come from behind Conservative ready to give McCain a run for his money, but at this point it looks like I’ll be voting 3rd party come November – as Obama, Clinton, and McCain have the collective integrity of a fart in heavy wind.

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