Well, that sucks.

Got the inner fender wells for the Chevy today, and to my dismay the metal had ripples in it.  I’ll take a wild guess that my Taiwanese bretheren stamped these out at 4:30pm on a Friday.  Not sure if anyone at LMC actually looked at them either, as the rippling is pretty bad.

Called them up shortly after i inspected them, they’re sending out a new pair (after checking them) and told me to scrap the ones I got.  I may try to bang out the ripples but most likely I’ll just send them to the scrap yard.

I did get the flywheel and one of the autozone sensors yesterday, and I also discovered that I botched up my email address on the original order which is why I never got any order confirmation…. Still, tomorrow I hope to get the old fender wells removed, finish detailing the engine bay, and then get the truck back up on the lift to clean up a few areas of the undercarriage.  Maybe a trip to the local boneyard to get a few intake manifold bolts as well (one of them has gone missing).  The Mr.Gasket bolts weren’t case hardened steal which allowed them to stretch slightly after torquing down.  So we ended up removing all of those and installing the originals after some cleanup.

Anyhoo… Later.

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