Those white strip people…

I really can’t stand white strip people.

Nothing against them personally, and my teeth are hardly pearly white, but every time I see someone on television who smiles and they’ve got this little white area surrounded by yellow – I can only wonder why they don’t just go to the dentist and get the entire mouth done, or simply brush more.  WHO KNOWS.

That’s compounded of course by annoying ads, in this case a TV ad for the latest Dell laptop which goes through a series of photos with some white strip guy posing with the same blonde in several Myspace style self-shots, only to crop her out and replace her with a brunette on his new Dell.

Tack on the whole implication of a guy cutting his ex out of a photo and then finding the next one from that cropped shot – only to create even more self-shots with the same new girl (implication is he’s an unoriginal ASSHAT) – and we’ve got a very annoying advertisement that makes me miss the pothead they had years ago.

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