What a night-mare…

Got the headers installed on the motor yesterday, what a pain in the ASS. The driver’s side headers went right on.  The passenger side needed some significant filing in the bolt passages, and then after we put it together realized that the oil dipstick tube didn’t have the right clearance necessary to install it.  Ended up having to back the header off one last time to get it in there.

Started out the day with a trip to the local boneyard, hoping to get a few intake manifold bolts for my new motor (lost one in the sandblaster).  When I get there I tell the woman what I need to get, and she flips out.  She gets her foreman over and thats when I find out that they take each and every motor and send them off to exporters, so I can’t take any parts off of them.  Even bolts.  Talk about idiotic, they can’t tell me there wasn’t a blown motor or an old 350 sitting around that I could take a bolt from.

So I end up at Roxbury Automotive, tell them what I need, and within 5 minutes I’ve got a set of bolts in my hand, taken off a motor rotting in the yard.  How effing hard was that?  Won’t waste my time with Spechts anymore after that crap.

Should get my big Autozone shipment tomorrow, then get back to work on Wednesday on the truck.  I finished degreasing the engine bay so we can get to painting it then, and in the mean time get all the new sensors hooked up on the new motor and finally start putting the girl back together!  WOOT!

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