Pineapple Express – Funniest Film of 2008.

That Seth Rogan guy – he’s good.

With exception to the 40 Year Old Virgin, there hasn’t been a single movie he was in that not only was a laugh riot – but also had a good moral statement on it.  The statement for Pineapple Express?  If you don’t smoke weed, you’re an effing superhero.  Watch it, tell me I’m wrong.

The plot is a little all over the place, in some points hinting of Tarantino, while others are simply the pure slapstick comedy which is wholly LACKING from modern cinema.  You can only tell the same dick and fart joke so many times before you’re found wondering why you just paid $30 to hear it yet again.

Pineapple Express doesn’t do that, it’s funny, original, and IMHO – the best comedy of 2008.

And yes, I know I suck at movie reviews, I’d rather not have cancer.

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