BessieZ71 Update

Here’s a before and after on the engine mounts, haven’t put in the new Energy polyeurethane mounts yet. Won’t set those up until I’m ready to drop the motor in. I media blasted the mount and bolts, and then (not shown here) primed it with the Krylon anti-rust primer, and then a couple coats of plain old Krylon gloss black. They look pretty good.

Here’s a shot of the engine bay with the completed firewall paintjob, and also a complete primer job on the subframe. I wire-brushed as much of the rust off as I could then put on 2-3 coats of the Krylon anti-rust primer.

Ideally I’d have removed the entire doghouse, as well as the front driveshaft, steering, etc… but I don’t have the time or $$$ for a frame off just yet. 🙂  Next pic is the same bay, but I’ve added the gloss black Krylon to the frame.  Tomorrow some gloss black PPG and some clearcoat is joining the paint job.  Should look beautiful with the new fender wells and motor.

Once the detailing is done, the motor goes in, the trans goes in, new fluids and filters all around, u-joints, pumpkin lube, etc…  I’m hoping to have her running by the weekend, and on the road by next weekend.  I’ll keep y’all posted.

Oh yeah, one tip if you’re detailing an engine bay and aren’t removing the hard lines, pick up some of those bendy drinking straws.  Flatten the straw out, slice it down the spline with a razor, then slide it over the line like a loom.  The bends work great on just about every bend I’ve seen in my bay so far, and once the painting is done, they come off and the lines have no paint on them.

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