Mojave is still Vista, and Vista still sucks.

I was in total disbelief after I watched the advertisement for Windows Vista…  A group of people and a Microsoft kool-aid drinking trunk monkey are being shown a “new” operating system, Windows Mojave.  Microsoft has collected these people because they love XP and hate Vista.

So at the end of the commercial, after all the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ have subsided, it is revealed that they are ACTUALLY LOOKING AT WINDOWS VISTA.

Are you serious?  I don’t think anyone can argue the point that Windows Vista is not nice to look at.  My primary argument against Vista is that I don’t have a Cray supercomputer powerful enough to run it in a way that’ll be as FAST and EFFICIENT as Windows XP!

This is like Dodge trying to recover the Minivan market by getting away from the aerodynamic modern vans and returning to the boxy styling of the 80’s… oh, they actually did that?


Have they considered putting the new interface on XP, rebadging it, and selling it as Vista?  Might work better.

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