Charlie Rangel, azende me, tuzeprovenos sfachim!

Pelosi says Rangel won’t be stripped of chairmanship…

See?  This is what pisses me off about Republicans.  They’ve got no balls! No gusto! Charlie Rangel proposes reinstituting the draft on one hand, and then dodges his tax responsiblity on the other!

Any time there’s even the slightest glimmer of impropriety – truthful or not – when a Republican is charged it isn’t so much the VALIDITY of the charge, but the SERIOUSNESS of the charge.  Every time they step down to “save face” or “protect the party.”  Instead they weaken it every time a strong, positive leader gets thrown under the bus due to some cockamamy allegation.

Republicans should do what the Democrats do!  Stick around regardless!  It isn’t a double standard if nobody is held accountable!

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