I love the Internet…

I got a kick out of how the pundits tore up Palin over her interview with Charlie Gibson.

I’ll admit, I actually cringed when she was asked about the Bush Doctrine, but then she came through shining once Gibson clarified WHICH Bush Doctrine he was referring to.

Then I got to read the WHOLE transcript of the interview here.

The main stream media never ceases to amaze me with how pathetic and low ball they can be.

It’s like this is the first time that the VP actually matters!  Bush 41 got elected despite Dan Quayle, Clinton had Gore (whose old man filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964), now we’ve got a strong Conservative woman and the MSM along with their political cohorts can’t HELP but try to shape her into someone who isn’t a better candidate than Obama, with more experience, class, and IMHO – personality.

She’s got a pregnant daughter and a down syndrome child.  What’s the problem folks?  ‘Life Goes On’ had fantastic ratings!

McCain is a better candidate than Obama.  Palin is a better candidate than Obama.  It’s not stupid to realise why the Conservative base is now more energized than they have been in the past 8 years of Bush 43.  Biden?  He’s useless, he knows it, he admits it, and I’m sure once all the cries about fairness have died down, and all the post-election lawsuits have settled… We’ll be treated to at least 4 more years of idiotic Liberal bumperstickers full of whimpering about the evil Republicans.

Seriously Dems…  Is this the best you can do?

…and people still bitch about Fox News.  Please.

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