I’m nervous.

I’m nervous because Wednesday morning I may wake up and the most Socialist member of Congress may just be the President.  I’m nervous because his definition of “Rich” has seemingly dropped from $250,000 per year to $50,000 per year.  I’m nervous because he plans on putting the same Government who hasn’t gotten Social Security fixed over the course of 70+ years in charge of my healthcare.  I’m nervous because in the midst of a recession, he plans on over a trillion dollars of new spending – AND more taxes.  I’m nervous because he wants to implement a civilian defense force that is as powerful and well funded as the US Military.  Waffen SS Anyone?

Spread the wealth around? Assassinate the character of dissenters? Discard media outlets who disagree? What honest self respecting American can vote for this bullshit?  If you want Hope and Change, you’ll get it, because Obama will Change everything for the worst, and everyone who voted for him who has half a brain will Hope that he is summarily defeated in the elections of 2012…

Journalism has died in 2008!  I don’t know anything about Obama besides what leaks out through talk radio, Fox News, and the Conservative blogosphere.  Still to this day there are hundreds of questions which have never been asked of the man (albeit hurled at his Republican opponents).  Both sides should have gotten the full court press during this election cycle.  Instead, Obama has gotten a pass at every turn, and I can tell you precisely why…

If Obama wins, God forbid, the fairness doctrine is soon to follow, and the main stream media’s monopoly on information is restored.  Obama has already proven that he will shape the media with an iron fist, and it will seemingly allow the most do-nothing Democrat Congress in American history to get a pass.

If he loses, it’s the story of the century.  The media’s candidate fails.  Headlines all over shall exclaim “What Happened!?” as they shudder to recover from the loss, then cover it, then perhaps even cover everything they’ve ignored over the past couple years.  If he loses, expect many stories on the racism of America, the inequality, and the need for someone to implement the Marxist ideals that Obama was denied – simply because he’s Black.

I’m hopeful that come Wednesday morning, I will get to see the chaos rain down from the Left as they wonder how putting forth the biggest hype campaign since the Blair Witch Project could have failed.  The Obama campaign is a house of cards, and I don’t expect the useful idiots who have supported him along the way to go silently into that good night.

I’m hopeful that the Hail Mary of Sarah Palin works.  McCain is a reformer, as is Palin.  If they can reign in the wasteful spending, get the tax cuts made permanent (if not EXPANDED), secure our borders and tie up Afghanistan and Iraq – I’d say we’re on the way to recovery from the Bush years.

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2 Responses to VOTE.

  1. Derek says:

    re: “definition of wealthy”

    Can you cite a first-person source on the $50K number? I’ve seen him speak a number of times, as recently as this weekend on the trail, and only heard 250k.

    re: “spread the wealth”

    Both parties “spread the wealth”. Any candidate who has ever voted for a tax-plan that included progressive taxes is guilty of “spreading the wealth”.

    At least Obama’s plan is to spread the wealth to the ones who need it, not give more to Big Oil.

    re: “spending in a recession”

    perhaps you should read your history, but “spending in a depression” was how you get out of a recession or depression, to a large extent. It may not be my personal choice (which is “suffer, and you’ll learn to manage your money better), but historically, public works programs are a very effective way of moving an economy out of a recession or depression.

    re: “fairness doctrine”

    The fairness doctrine, if it were reinstituted, would ONLY apply to over-the-air broadcaster who have an FCC license for OTA content. It would not apply to blogs, cable-tv networks, satellite providers, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, or anything else.

    What the fairness doctrine says, in essence, is “If you’re going to make use of the shared-scarce-resource called ‘over the air bandwidth’, then you have to make sure it’s being used in a balanced manner”.

    It amuses me when the people who accuse the mainstream media of being “too liberal” then complain about the fairness doctrine. Shouldn’t you be happy to have a couple left-leaning radio talk shows in order to get SO much time back from the television networks to air whatever right-wing stuff is in vogue this week?

    McCain is a reformer my ass. He sponsored his “named bill”, McCain-Feingold, which did more to clamp down on Free Speech than any other bill in American history. He’s voted with George “I couldn’t politic my way out of a paper bag with Cheney around” Bush 90% of the time.

    If McCain DOES somehow manage to win, there’ll certainly be more jobs in the US. At least one. Mine, because D and I have already determined we’re going to expatriating if he wins.

    Because, at the end of the day, if “my fellow Americans” really want an asshat like that in office? and a woman who has no idea what the VP does to be a faultering-heart’s-beat from running the show? then me and “my fellow Americans” have very little left in common any more, and I say you can have him, but I won’t be a party to it….

  2. Marlin says:

    re: “definition of wealthy”

    While I’ll admit I’ve only heard the $50k number tossed around 3rd party, the number from Obamas own lips has gone from $250k, $200k, $150, and according to Governor Bill Richardson – now $120k. Honestly my friend, your selective hearing fails you. Didn’t you watch the debates? Didn’t you hear Obama go from $250k to $200k over the course of weeks? He didn’t specify family or single, he just threw out blanket numbers that changed every time he opened his mouth and left it to his useful idiots to clarify. I’ve heard it from the mouths of the candidates that emphasized “words count.” Where’s my incentive for moving up the ladder and making more money if this jackass is going to take already unreasonable tax rates and screw them up even more?

    re: “spread the wealth”

    Really, class warfare, are you serious? Yes, I know we have a regressive tax policy that punishes success and punishes the job makers at the behest of useful idiot job takers. That cockyness about “spreading the wealth” and subsequent attacks on the poor SOB who asked the question REEKS of authoritarianism and Marxism. This guy is running on RAISING taxes when it has been proven time and again that when taxes are cut across the board, money FLOODS into the treasury.

    re: “spending in a recession”

    I did check my history, and that’s why I said what I said. Your solution is to get the Government even further in the hole and bring back the “New Deal.” I’m sorry, but as the last 8 years has seen the greatest expansion of Government and Government power SINCE the so called “New Deal” I find it patently ABSURD that anyone could support making it even BIGGER to help out the little guy. We’re borrowing money at an idiotic rate, and the only solution you tax and spend Liberals come up with is to SPEND MORE. Did you ever consider putting the Government on a savings plan like the rest of we poor folk who are trying to get by during the current economic crisis? You go put your sweater on and turn the thermostat down to 68.

    re: “Fairness doctrine”

    ARE YOU BLIND!? The Fairness Doctrine is a response by Left wing chickenshits who can’t keep their shows on the air long enough for the sponsors to make money. This is specifically to put a stopper on Conservative talk radio, a format which has enjoyed vast success since Ronaldus Magnus lifted the archaic doctrine in the 1980’s.

    It amuses ME when people think that the success of FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, and a few newspapers get so bent out of shape that they NEED a so called “fairness doctrine” in order to compete! The mainstream media lock on news has been broken. Ratings are down. Newspaper circulation is down. People are turning to alternative media for their news and the Left wants do do what it always does – shut down dissent. It will start with the Fairness Doctrine, but will not end there – mark my words.

    How you can support something which restricts free speech, and then attack McCain for the same exact thing (you won’t see me argue FOR McCain Feingold) is a little silly. The Left’s idea of “fair and balanced” is “no idealogical competition.”

    Expatriate? Are you kidding me? Baldwin already tried that, who knows maybe he’ll have room in his Prius for you and yours on the way out this time. If you can take a couple hundred of your ACORN employed kool-aid drinkers along for the ride, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I’d rather have someone who is Center-Right with a strong Conservative VP than the most Socialist member of Congress who has spent most of his Senate career voting PRESENT and stumping to become PRESIDENT with a VP that makes Dan Quayle look like DOOGIE HOWSER MD. This nation isn’t going blue, you might want to think that – even pray for it – and perhaps you even make enough that you can AFFORD it. Me? I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that McCain will win, Palin will even him out, and I’ll be more than happy to gas up your Jeep on the way out.

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