Oh, stuff it Buchanan.

Buchanan: Immigration Will Prevent Pendulum From Swinging Back

Caught this interesting snippit through NewsBusters (3rd party, I know, those bastards) about how Pat Buchanan thinks that new immigrants and minorities are going to shoot for the even BIGGER centralized government that will result from an Obama administration…

Can’t disagree with him enough.  Honestly, I think a fair number of modern Americans are so far removed from the nuclear family unit, from their immigrant history, from a solid work ethic – that they may just fall for the promises held by a Socialist administration.  The immigrants on the way in however, are mainly coming FROM Socialist nations because of the lack of opportunity.

I live in an area with an ever growing Mexican population.  Some days I see more Texas license plates than I see NY.  They’re hard, honest workers – who struggle every day to support their family in the hopes that they may see the American dream in their lifetime, and share it with their families.

Obama’s campaign took them for idiots, Conservatives on the other hand (not Bush, not McCain – YET) can hopefully take advantage of that work ethic and that desire to achieve that far too many of the whiny, pithy, bitchy iPod eared American useful idiots have forgotten.

Of course, taking advantage will involve Robin Hood not being elected and summarily driving the job market into the tank by burying small business under a tax burden that’d send a tingle up Karl Marx’s leg.

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