Palin guilty of using Yahoo mail for state business!

Well, I just wanted to “fit in” with my future big media masters while I still have the freedom to blog.  The headline actually was: New Troopergate report clears Palin.

Pretty much the only thing they found wrong was that she used Yahoo email for state business. Do I think there was a nefarious deed at hand? Of course! She was obviously plotting the Fascist takeover of the USA I doubt it. Computer users are naive by nature. It doesn’t matter how many computer policies are thrown at people, occasionally they’ll slip

I couldn’t care less of Obama had a Gmail account and occasionally waxed intellectual with Chavez, so thinking Palin had some chats over Caribou migration with the CEO of Exxon really doesn’t matter to me either.

It’s good to see that some aspects of the media (cough Fox News) are reporting this. Those Capitalist pigs.

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