Have a f!@#ing heart.

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For the past 13 years which I have driven local roads, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of striking an animal while driving more than once. I’ll admit it, I’ve hit cats, dogs, deer, and other creatures and it kills me every time it happens. Each time, I stop, I call the Police – I do the right thing.

Driving home from the gym tonight, I was behind a big bad Ford Explorer who was in such a rush… that when they hit the deer in front of me, cartwheeling it across the road into a heap on the side – kept driving. Oh, he knew what he did, he flashed his high beams on for a moment to make sure his precious lights still worked… but kept going.

So I called the police. Turns out that if you strike an animal, it is up to the driver to call them and report it. They don’t have to stop. I don’t understand how in God’s name anyone can do such a thing. It doesn’t make sense to me, it simply does not compute. The best the police could do is send an officer out to put it down if it was suffering. That’s it.

I know that deer can be a nuisance… But for God’s sake have some human decency and make sure it isn’t suffering!

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