I must have missed something…

When the heck did power supplies for computers get so expensive?

My video card was acting up while playing WoW, since it is the kind that requires a connection to the PSU, I wagered a guess that the PSU was finally reaching its end of life. I felt around the back, and the fan really wasn’t moving much air – and the air it was moving was pretty hot.

I gave it a quick clean with the canned air, but there wasn’t any improvement. So I headed over to the manufacturer’s website to get the output specs so I could check them with my voltmeter… Turns out they were all outside the specs (not good).

It was late on a Friday, so my only guess for where I could get a new one was Best Buy… I checked and the options that came up were $140 and $160. My jaw dropped. I’ve spent – at most – $50-$60 for my PSU’s in the past (haven’t had to buy one for about 6 years now). I did some more looking on the site and found a good one for about $100 from Thermaltake. I usually prefer ANTEC, but I wasn’t spending $160 on the thing.

Picked it up, dusted and cleaned the entire machine, swapped it in – and the video card is working like a champ again… Still can’t get over the price though.

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