Goddamned AWFUL.

AS I STATED in an earlier post, the new Knight Rider has some serious problems. My main complaint is that it has become too big, too flashy, too fast. We’re starting out with Super Pursuit Mode (AKA Battle Mode) in the first Episode, and not as a 4th season add on to try and keep the series fresh.

My faith in the writers, producers, and network to not continue to screw up what is a very simple and very successful formula is permanently destroyed by this:

That’s right. KARR. It’s back. It’s not voiced by the same guy that did Optimus Prime anymore, but it IS a cross between a Decepticon, a Gobot, and that idiotic Robocop 2. HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST CREATE A NEMESIS!? Seriously, just make it an evil Mustang. Better yet, bring back the evil ’82 Trans Am! It wouldn’t be hard for someone to pick the parts up off the desert floor and rebuild the car, for God’s sake Michael built a RAMJET in the middle of the desert!

Makes no sense for the new KARR to be a humanoid robot, whatsoever. This is just a cheap ploy to cash in on the Transformers market. Who is Mike’s nemesis going to be, a frakking Asimo!?

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