It’s beginning to feel a lot like… well really, it isn’t.

Still in the general malaise era of my opinion on the holiday times. Sure, I enjoy getting together with family and friends to reflect on the close of yet another year on this planet… But everything just seems to get more shallow over time.

My biggest complaint? Gift cards. Generally speaking – I usually get flack from people for buying everything I need and not patiently waiting for someone to buy it for me. The cop-out is to get a gift card that will allow me to spend someone else’s money on myself.

Now I’ll admit, years ago I was one of those gift-card lamers, but for the past 2 years, I buy people actual gifts. I don’t get crazy, I just figure – they’re my friends, they’re my family, so I always have a good idea of something I can buy them that respects our relationship, acknowledges its history, and maybe puts a smile on their face long enough to forget about the state of affairs in this country.

So seriously, gift cards are for lamers, just take a change and buy or make a little something for someone you care about. It doesn’t take much more effort than buying a gift card, but the payoff is immeasurable.

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