Screwed either way.

Road commission calls for gas tax hike

Another useful idiot chiming in that we simply aren’t driving enough to fund road maintenance with the current fuel tax. Call me crazy but if we’re driving less, if the demand for fuel is low enough that it now costs around $1.40 a gallon for regular… that the roads would cost less to maintain? Why not invest in cobblestones? They’d cut speeds down, require less maintenance, and increase fuel economy.

We’re now at a point where the environmentalist lobby and their loyally paid government stooges wanted us to be. The regulations paid off. They buried the big 3 automakers and forced many people to drive cars that couldn’t survive an errant pigeon dropping without a trip to the body shop.

Demand is low, people are driving less, and using less fuel to do it. Right now is the ideal time to CUT the tax and spur growth. Get more people driving! Instead we get endless calls from people who likely can afford to pay whatever gasoline costs, or have their tanks filled on Joe the Plumber’s dime, to raise the gas tax.

We’re screwed either way.

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