That… doesn’t make any frakking sense.

I picked up BSG Season 4.0 yesterday, and finished watching it at around 1am.

Amazing how much better that show is when I’m not playing video games while watching it!

Anyhow, so the 6 is pregnant… They’re leaning towards Tigh having done it.

My problem? He’s a Cylon. Cylons apparently cannot reproduce.

Logical Conclusion A: Someone else impregnated the 6. Baltar maybe?
Logical Conclusion 2: The final 5 are hybrids, not entirely Cylon, not entirely Human.
Logical Conclusion D: Tigh isn’t actually a Cylon.

I’m going to lean towards conclusion 2. The normal Cylons were created by man, and I’ll guess that the final 5 were created by the 13th tribe, or that the 13th tribe WERE these original hybrids, which is why they’re different.

As for who the 5th model is, it’s Galactica itself. That’s just my guess.

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