Fair and balanced? Why bother.

Caught a story out of Newsbusters showing that Sean Hannity’s new show “Hannity” completely trounced the competition, bringing in ratings even higher than when he had fire marshal bill as the co-host.

Maybe fair and balanced doesn’t win the race by a big enough margin. Fox News has been trouncing all the other major networks for some time (much to the chagrin of people who only watch all the other major cable news networks)… Their message of “Fair & Balanced” which generally involves covering EVERYTHING – has held them in first place.

The bump that Hannity has received after Alan Colmes left makes me seriously wonder if it is time for Fox to scrap the “Fair & Balanced” tag line and just go for it. I don’t see the idealists of the political Right losing any audience, especially with the Messiah ready to take over in… 6 days?

I’m not saying that FNC doesn’t have its share of spin, but apparently it is what the rest of us are watching while the elites are slouching towards inauguration with their noses in the air.

Congrats Sean.

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