Why I don’t care about B.Hussein Obama.

So I get out of a meeting today, and the entire call center is off the phones, listening to Obama’s inauguration.

I stop at the bank to cash a check, all the tellers are away from their stations, listening…

I stop at the car wash, and every car there had it cranked.

I really don’t care about B.Hussein Obama, at all. I wish him the best of luck, I truly do. I hope things get better now. But I don’t care.

See, 8 years ago, I was fooled. I bought into the hype. I was sold on the “new tone” bill of goods. I believed the “restore honor to the office” line. 8 years later, I know better. Sure, I haven’t been blown up, but lets be realistic – the economy is in tatters, I fear for my job, and generally speaking there hasn’t been much good news (actually reported).

Today, its painfully obvious that it only took 8 years of George W Bush to fool everyone else!

The true gem of all this hype, is that the people who believe in B.Hussein Obama right now – actually think they’ve got one up on people like me. The truth is, nothing has changed, nothing will change, and 8 years from now we’ll just have a new flock of sheep ready to sip the kool-aid.

It amazes me that it doesn’t matter what Government does wrong, all they need to do is put a new face on the same broken machine, and you idiots actually believe things will change.

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