Oscars 2009

Watched the Oscars last night, usually skip them, but I was surprised that they actually put on a good show. High point for me? Ben Stiller’s mocking of Jaoquin Phoenix’s interview on Letterman. Seriously almost fell off the couch after that one. The musical number with Hugh Jackman and Beyonce wasn’t bad, even though Jackman’s voice really wasn’t into it (more like a broadway Wolverine). The tribute to Heath Ledger when he won the best supporting actor award was also very good. Not a dry eye in the house I could tell.  I also enjoyed the Slumdog Millionaire numbers.

One thing that bugged me about the hole night, was that for some reason a certain camera man couldn’t help but continually pan over to Al Gore Jr. Seriously, the guy looks like a reject from a NAMBLA convention. His only accomplishments in life being surviving the birth process, and topping out the speed on a Prius. I wouldn’t let a kid trick or tread at this guys house, let a lone watch the Oscars where his twisted sneer shows up more than Jessica Biel’s fine, fine, FINE body.

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