Sylvania/Consumerist RULES.

Wow, just… Wow.

Not many things get me to say that, but when a company takes care of a consumer when the product they’ve purchased doesn’t meet expectations – I say WOW.

Last October, the headlamps on my VW started to fail. I always replace them in pairs, decided to pick up Sylvania Silverstars. I didn’t want a mix of yellow and white light either, so I picked up 2 pairs of bulbs…

Now these aren’t cheap, but they’re the same wattage as OEM and are bright as !@#$. I love them. I loved them up until 3 months later when one of the low beams failed, and the other shortly followed. I know how to swap bulbs, I know I didn’t touch the glass, so losing $40 in 3 months after the OEM’s lasted over 3 years was pretty disappointing.

I contacted OSRAM Sylvania through their website and explained the situation. A day later, they respond and tell me that they’ll replace the bulbs within a year of purchase. I didn’t have the receipt, so I sent the bulbs back along with their email last week.

Today I got 2 new pairs of H7’s for my VW in the mail. Wow. Just… Wow.

That’s easily 80 bucks worth of lighting, and they stood behind their product and took a stranger over the Internet at his word. I’m very impressed, and my faith in Sylvania products has been restored completely.

It also helped that I followed some tips from on how to properly contact a company for this sort of problem, which I’m sure helped to get the problem resolved quick.

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