Welcome to the party, pal.

It’s good to see that at 50mpg, the 2010 Toyota Prius will have finally reached the same fuel efficiency that Volkswagen did 20 years ago.

Still, any move forward towards cost-effective fuel efficiency is a major bonus in my book, especially with the ability to run completely silent.  I personally can’t wait until these guys take the lead again, and find a way to shoe-horn a freight train horn under the hood of one.

My biggest hopes are that prices will come down, that someone will finally pair up a hybrid drivetrain with a diesel (and make 50mpg look like a gas guzzler), and that Chevy will come to their senses and realize that nobody in their right mind is going to pay $40k for a state of the art Chevy Malibu… beyond the Hollywood elite who are still pissed that their EV1’s were recycled.

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