Before I forget…

Had an odd nightmare last night.

I’m in the basement of my old house, only now where the bedroom is, it’s like a picture window, and most of the family is sitting inthere looking out at the window. Can’t exactly remember what was out there, it was dark, but everything (including a smart ass nephew that doesn’t exist yet) are all checking it out.

So the kid asks where my brother is, I go upstairs to look for him, and find him comforting my mom on the couch. She’s upset for some reason or another. I tell him he should go downstairs and be with everyone else.

For the most part, up until now, it wasn’t a nightmare.

Then I sit down next to my mom, and everything turns dark orange/red. I start to feel evil, and start laughing as she asks if I need anything from the kitchen.

“Oh why don’t you just turn the lights on! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

So at this point she’s in the kitchen, I’m standing outside the kitchen. She looks back at me, gets this look of horror, then grabs a HUGE F’N KITCHEN KNIFE and starts coming at me screaming “IT’S YOU! IT’S YOU! I KNEW IT!” I stumble backwards into the hallway as she’s swinging this knife at me, and finally wake myself out of it when I stumble into the wall.

So I wake up from the dream, and I start seeing white faces with black eyes all around me. Kind of like skulls, but more like Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas than typical human skulls, only very blurry. They’re all over, wherever I look. I close my eyes, I open my eyes, still there. I finally roll over, bury my face in the pillow, and they’re gone.

Couldn’t get back to sleep for like an hour.

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