If You Seek Amy?

So a short time back, I heard a bunch of complaining about the latest Britney Spears track titled “If You Seek Amy.” The punch line is that while she sings “Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy” it clearly sounds like she’s saying “F U C K me.”

It’s a funny song, and the video is hillarious. Honestly, I haven’t had any interest in Spears since her first album came out and my girlfriend at the time HAD to have it. All the other crap that’s gone on with her since then has barely been a blip on my radar.

Then today there’s a story out about how they’re now editing the song and speeding up the chorus to remove the K from “seek” to ensure that the song loses its comedic value and makes no sense anymore. Hell, I hadn’t even heard the song until I saw that idiots were STILL complaining about it.

Here’s a link to the video on Youtube until it gets pulled for copyright. Either way, Spears is getting press now, getting attention, and in the realm of modern pop music – this song really isn’t that bad. In fact, I like it quite a bit.

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