Another odd dream…

Maybe it’s all this Fallout 3 I’ve been playing…

Driving up a country road, I start to see airplane wreckage on the site of the road.

Continuing on, I see more wreckage, multiple planes.

I finally stop because there’s a huge nose-cone right in the middle of the road, standing straight up, with a skull and crossbones engraved in the red paint. All around me is scattered aircraft wreckage. Apparently I’ve happened upon a huge aircraft cemetery / plane crash museum.

So I stop off and start to look around, and that’s when the storm comes in. The sky goes dark gray, near black, and the lightening comes. Someone decides to sit on the hood of my car, thinking the rubber tires would protect them, when BOOM, the car gets hit.

The guy sitting on it walks away, meanwhile blood is absolutely gushing from his legs.

My car? Toast. The wheel has been blown off, and it’s otherwise ‘done.’

Later on in the dream, the guy finally dies, and everyone is weeping.

Maybe I should stop playing Fallout 3 before bed. I have no idea where my brain is going with these dreams lately.

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