PE for the Terminator fans.

So Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been cancelled. Apparently the last few episodes only garnered around 3.5 million viewers, which as we all know – is not enough for a network to justify anything other than even more reality television.  Screw the networks.  IMHO, the networks rarely if EVER put on a single show worth watching that isn’t some reality garbage or a simple situational comedy.  Time and again these people will take a chance, produce something dynamic and entertaining, and when it doesn’t blow away some show that 10 million bored housewives are watching – they toss it.

Anyone who caught the series finale the other night, imho, should be pissed.  This was the equivalent of having a case of PE when Carmen Electra is waiting in your bed.  The throw together an omage to the original Terminator film, sending Cameron through a prison, shooting everything up but people, and making it to the Sarah Connor to free her while missing half her face.

It’s also revealed, that the T1000 played by Shirley Manson was actually a GOOD guy all along.  No, she wasn’t working to train the AI that would become Skynet – nor was she helping to pool resources to build arial HK’s and other Skynet weaponry, no she was a good guy all along!  So was John Henry!  They were building the anti-skynet!  Now this COULD have worked, but they rushed the ending – they were forced to – by the morons in charge at Fox.

The show wraps up with an arial HK pulling a 9/11 into Manson’s office as she spreads out like a shield to protect everyone.  After which, Sarah promises to stop Skynet as John and Manson zip ahead in time, to the middle of the war.  John runs into Derek and Kyle Reese, as well as Cameron’s human counterpart, and that’s it, the series is over, leaving us all to believe that John didn’t grow up through the war – he just got zapped ahead into it with the knowledge he’s learned thus far, and is expected to lead the resistance to victory.  T3 had a better ending.

I’ll give them this, the effects were top notch, but this show was killed off way too early, and yet again is another example of why Fox should simply stop trying to compete with the CBSNBCABC as well as the cable networks.  They simply do not have the balls to persevere and carry on a show with 3.5 million viewers.  They first hand us a short 10 episode season, then cut the second season in half before restarting it in a new block next to Dollhouse.

My opinion?  Stop giving those damned ratings boxes to idiots who watch the Ghost Whisperer, or simply stop using them.  Instead of getting at least another season or two out of this story, they rush it into a wall and blow a hot sticky load of bullshit onto 3.5 million people who have faithfully followed that show in every timeslot Fox stuffed it in.  Despite all this, I’m sure Southland will make it a full season.  Why? It’s horribly predictable, just like the morons who run Fox.

If Dollhouse eats it next, I’m going to put a parental block on channel 5 and just forget the f’n password.

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