From the… “You just can’t make this !@#$ up” file…

Quick update – I finally took a couple minutes to actually watch the video of this woman performing on YouTube – and to be honest, I had the same exact reaction that everyone else did. It’s unbelievable. Everyone – including me – discounted this woman because she looked like an old nanny. Her voice though? I got a feeling she’s going to be raking in some money from it, it was amazing. Watching the shock of the judges as well as the audience the moment she starts singing is truly a sight to behold.

Checked over at the Communist News Network earlier and caught the following:


It might still be up, but where else will you see a headline stating “Man on trial in the killing of transgender woman” right above the latest winner of “Britains Got Talent.”

The actual story on the lovely Scottish singer can be found here.

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